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Test version of GameBoy emulator

Organic & E}I{'s GameBoy EMU Win32 test version of 22.04.2003
Org asked me for help two weeks ago with finishing portable GB emu written in C. I invested some time into this project and here's result. It runs many games flawlessly, have full graphics and sound emulation(with some issues), good DMG CPU interpreter. Supports MBC1, MBC2,MBC3,MBC5 for now(except for MBC3 realtime clock). Timer and most interrupts are working(sometimes). There are two versions in this .ZIP, one for all display depths and one for 32 BPP only but with nice LCD blur effect. keys are:A,S,Z,X,Arrows , F8, F9.

New version of plugin is still incomplete. Sorry pals.

Latest version of my softGPU plugin

E}I{'s softGPU V 0.981 11.08.2002
There is no many changes. Added support for 24 bit mode with full set of conversion and stretching routines. Y-interpolation mode is working now in all output color modes(for those who can not live without blurred graphics). Fixed bug with bad screenshots/savestate pictures in 16/24 bit videomodes and another 2-3 similar bugs. Many minor speed optimizations like always(MDECs will get faster). Texture windows logger added for those who want to help me and Lewpy in our investigation. Stay tuned for next release in next week (or even sooner). Going to make some big changes in main engine. Also, last few hours before release I tried to solve interlaced mode hangup problem(Chrono Cross character menu, The Next Tetris etc.) and after losing some brain cells I finally did it(or so I think). But I can not check if CC is really fixed(TNT is working though), and asking for help.

TWLIST.TXT-list of known games using texture windows 18.08.2002

E}I{'s softGPU V 0.981 [nocolorkey] build This version have texture colorkeying and transparency turned off.Example

Several older versions

E}I{'s softGPU V 0.980 31.07.2002

E}I{'s softGPU V 0.975 17.04.2002

E}I{'s softGPU V 0.97 07.04.2002


Game mods/patches

Here is small collection of old DOS games done by me:


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